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March 2012 Teacher Highlights

April 1, 2012


In the computer lab, kindergarten students are wrapping up their ABC book project.  Students chose what words they wanted to have in their book from the choices given, then they used a simplified PowerPoint program to type in their words and add pictures.  Books were printed out for the students to take home once they were completed.

Mr. Yates was the Guest Reader in Mrs. Bonczyk’s room for the 108th birthday of Dr. Seuss.  He read his favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham.

Kindergarten Preview Night was a huge success.  Many positive comments were heard.

The Kindergarten students are learning some Spanish words as part of their Mexico theme.

Middle School:

In anticipation of the release of the movie, PPMS hosted a Hunger Games Night.  Avid fans of the book were invited to form a “district” made up with five students and participae in four challenges (trivia, cornucopia, physical challenge and a training session.)  The winning district was awarded with an AMC gift card and other goodies.  This event was organized by Deanne Guccione, librarian, and Diane Bensko, Beta club sponsor and funded by PPMS Student Council (Tami Haerle, sponsor).

Mrs. Gunia’s 5th grade composition students wrote a letter to President Obama, Mrs. Obama, or Senators Kirk or Durbin about an issue hat concerned them as a 5th grader.  The students used their home addresses for a reply, but President Obama sent a reply to our school which Mrs. Gunia read to the students.

High School:

The high school Scholastic Team won the Regional last week.

The other focus is on the Variety Show and Caitlin McGovern.  Caitlin did an amazing job coordinating everything with the Fine Arts Society, taking lead for the fine arts department and letting everyone know what their roles were, running the auditions and the dress rehearsal.   It was a great event for Fine Arts.


Pleasant Plains School Board Candidate Public Forum

March 18, 2011
Will you be voting in the upcoming Pleasant Plains School Board Election? Come get the facts!The Pleasant Plains Education Association is sponsoring a public forum for all School Board candidates. A PPEA moderator will guide questions relating to candidates’ background, experience, and philosophies regarding education. A short follow up question-and-answer session will follow.

Candidate Forum March 23, 2011
Public Forum Flyer

1 % Sales Tax (Plain and Simple)

October 27, 2010

Sangamon County Sales Tax

Two questions are to be answered .  The sales tax will help ALL of the 16 schools in Sangamon County.  This is the proposal for a 1% sales tax.

Here are details:

  • The sales tax will NOT be applied to:

prescription drugs or OTC drugs
titled vehicles
mobile homes
farm equipment and inputs.

  • The money can ONLY be used for school facility upgrades, buildings and/or paying down bond debt (which means districts could slow down our property tax increases ).  The money cannot be used for salaries or programs.
  • PPCUSD8 could receive approximately $900,000 annually for facilities
  • The revenue will fund the renovations and expansions at the high school
  • Phase 1 high school renovations begin in 2011 (regardless of the Sales Tax outcome)
  • Additional revenue will be used to retire existing debt and update current facilities

There are two questions on the ballot regarding the referendum:

  1. The first asks to approve the 1%.
  2. The second question asks: If the first question passes, should the County Board consider other needs of the county prior to implementing the 1% tax.
    • This question has caused controversy as the County Board already has the right to implement the full 1% or a portion of it.  The way the question is worded sounds as if the County Board could take part of the 1% and apply it to such things as the police, etc.  The County Board cannot do so.

For further information regarding the 1% Sales Tax please visit A Better Way to Fund

Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified

August 17, 2010

The Pleasant Plains School Board and Pleasant Plains Education Association have ratified a one year contract for the 2010-2011 school year.  Both the Board of Education and the PPEA took into consideration the uncertainty of the state financial concerns, as well as remaining committed to the idea of excellence in education.  The Board of Education recognizes and appreciates the dedication and efforts teachers have provided to assure the best possible education for our students.  Over the past 7 years, the  District has focused on fiscal responsibility, consciously making an effort to live within its financial means,  cutting unnecessary spending, targeting professional development training to designated topics, providing in house workshops presented by staff and outside consultants, and writing grants to support efforts at improving the district technology resources and expanding curriculum opportunities for our students

Both the Pleasant Plains Board of Education and the PPEA resolved to an agreement that recognizes teachers and maintains fiscal responsibility.  Due to teacher retirements, the Board was able to agree to salary and benefits compensations that did not exceed the 2009-2010 costs.  The School Board and teachers continue to problem-solve budget restraints as a team and remain committed to work as a problem solving team in regard to upcoming State funding issues.

PPEA Pink Friday photos

March 20, 2010

Thank you to all who wore pink – faculty, staff, administration, staff, students.  I’ve compiled some photos from Pink Friday.  If you have photos, send them to me so we can add them to the site.  Remember to email your legislators . . . a letter from the heart asking for their support.

IEA announces Pink Friday (MARCH 19 IS PINK [SLIP] FRIDAY)

March 13, 2010

March 12, 2010
FRIDAY, MARCH 19 IS PINK (SLIP) FRIDAYGov. Pat Quinn’s budget message included the warning that as many as 17,000 educators will be laid off if a tax increase is not passed this spring. Right now, thousands of our members are receiving pink slips – layoff notices for the coming year.

We are asking all IEA members across the state to stand in solidarity with our pink-slipped members on Friday, March 19th, by wearing pink. We also invite administrators, parents and community members to join us, in recognition of the effect that these losses will have on the quality of education in Illinois.

Wear pink to the RA

On March 19, the two gubernatorial candidates, Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Bill Brady, will be speaking at the IEA Annual Representative Assembly (RA) in Rosemont. We anticipate there will be extensive media coverage of the event. With our RA delegates in pink, we will show the state our commitment to fair funding and the impact that funding cuts will have on the goal to build a quality education system and economy in the state.

IEA will issue a statewide news release next week highlighting the fact that IEA members statewide are being encouraged to wear pink.

So remember:

If you are coming to the RA: Pack your pink!
No pink? No problem! Pink lapel ribbons will be available at the RA.

If you are working back home: Wear your pink on the nineteenth!

Race to the Top update – Informational video

March 7, 2010

IEA President Ken Swanson along with IEA General Counsel Mitch Roth and IEA Executive Director Audrey Soglin update on the federal Race to The Top program in which Illinois was just announced as one of the 16 finalists.

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IEA Capitol Report – February 19, 2010

February 22, 2010

Here’s a video interview with Jim Reed, Director of Government Relations regarding the IEA Capitol Report – February 19, 2010:

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Please feel free to share this with other members in the local. You are encouraged
to go to with thoughts and suggestions.
Also, you are encouraged to go to Springfield for Lobby Day on Wednesday,
April 21st.  If you cannot or do not want to get out of school that day,
there will be Region 47 members meeting with the respective representatives
after school.