March 2012 Teacher Highlights



In the computer lab, kindergarten students are wrapping up their ABC book project.  Students chose what words they wanted to have in their book from the choices given, then they used a simplified PowerPoint program to type in their words and add pictures.  Books were printed out for the students to take home once they were completed.

Mr. Yates was the Guest Reader in Mrs. Bonczyk’s room for the 108th birthday of Dr. Seuss.  He read his favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham.

Kindergarten Preview Night was a huge success.  Many positive comments were heard.

The Kindergarten students are learning some Spanish words as part of their Mexico theme.

Middle School:

In anticipation of the release of the movie, PPMS hosted a Hunger Games Night.  Avid fans of the book were invited to form a “district” made up with five students and participae in four challenges (trivia, cornucopia, physical challenge and a training session.)  The winning district was awarded with an AMC gift card and other goodies.  This event was organized by Deanne Guccione, librarian, and Diane Bensko, Beta club sponsor and funded by PPMS Student Council (Tami Haerle, sponsor).

Mrs. Gunia’s 5th grade composition students wrote a letter to President Obama, Mrs. Obama, or Senators Kirk or Durbin about an issue hat concerned them as a 5th grader.  The students used their home addresses for a reply, but President Obama sent a reply to our school which Mrs. Gunia read to the students.

High School:

The high school Scholastic Team won the Regional last week.

The other focus is on the Variety Show and Caitlin McGovern.  Caitlin did an amazing job coordinating everything with the Fine Arts Society, taking lead for the fine arts department and letting everyone know what their roles were, running the auditions and the dress rehearsal.   It was a great event for Fine Arts.


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