February 2012 Teacher Highlights



  1. Mrs. McGraw’s technology students are competing in the Blue Ribbon Challenge this month.  The Blue Ribbon Challenge encourages students to log on to Study Island and compete in a number of reading, math, and science related ISAT games answering questions to help them prepare for the upcoming tests.
  2. The first grade team met with the Rochester first grade teachers again at the end of January to discuss Common Core Standards and to continue working to align our curriculum with the new standards.  They shared ideas and resources in both reading and math and began the process of curriculum mapping.
  3. Mrs. Ballinger is having the students participate in Jump Rope for Heart.  During physical education classes, the students are engaging in fitness games that promote a hearty, healthy lifestyle.   Monies raised will be donated to the American Heart Association.

Middle School:

  1. Caitlin McGovern has published an article that talks about the importance of introducing music to everyone in a school, not just those in band.
  2. Deanne Guccione has several fifth and sixth grade students who are taking part in the middle school Book Club this year.
  3. Linda Gunia has had her students writing to two military pen pals.  Those gentlemen visited PPMS, and they presented the fifth grade students with a PowerPoint that showed them life on their American military base and their base overseas.
  4. Tammy Haerle is studying Japan with her seventh grade students.  They are creating 3-D salt-dough structures of the country.  They will also be visiting Osaka restaurant to experience Japanese food.

High School:

  1. Operation Teen Safe Driving, led by Jamie Naylor, did an excellent presentation on safe driving.  It was well done, and it seemed to have an emotional impact on the students.
  2. The Senior Transitions Class held a college “social.”  Students learned various aspects of surviving the freshman year of college.  Topics included things such as: the freshman 15, making healthy food choices, choosing a room-mate, and home-sickness.

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