Looking To the Future


As we come to the close of this school year, I find myself reflecting back on what the PPEA represents and has become over the years.  This past January I informed the Executive Committee that I am looking to my future and am going to start a M.Ed.  in Education Technology and will not run for any PPEA office in the spring election.  I am a strong advocate for the 21st Century Skills and believe that furthering my education in that area is the next course for me.

As I draw to the end of this term as President of the PPEA, I am proud of the problem-solving approach the Education Association, Administration, and Board of Education has built through the years.  I have been blessed to see a team effort to run a district that mosts districts do not see.  I have seen the Education Association work with the Administration to provide professional development that will provide 21st Century Skills for students and prepare them for Career and College Readiness.  I have seen members give from their hearts to make sure that Pleasant Plains School District provides a quality education for the students.

I look to the future of Pleasant Plains School District and see that the District is ahead of most other schools because each part of the District team (PPEA, Administrators, Board of Education) has been planning for the future of the District.  The District was able to save money to make necessary renovations that are occurring now.  The District has incorporated PBIS and RtI both at more fully developed levels than most other schools.  While we have some kinks to work out, problem-solving discussions are occurring that will enable the District to fine tune the process.  Professional development by both the District and the PPEA in areas of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships; differentiated instruction; building Personal Learning Networks; and integrating technology as a tool in education have made the transition to Common Core Standards “no big deal.”

We can all agree that Change tends to freak people out.  Change is abrupt.  Change meets with resistance.  However, I am a firm believer that if the District Team continues to plan for the future, we will avoid Change and instead naturally Transition into what we need be or do.  I encourage all parts of the District Team (Teachers, Administration, Board Members) to be Lifelong Learners: to continue to learn not only what’s new, but to adapt the old and transition it into the new to make Education better for students.

As a new President is elected, I will be there to transition the President into the Executive Committee.  I can only hope that the new President can gain the sense of pride that I feel for our members when I hear of all of the great things happening in the classrooms.  I thank all of you for demonstrating that the Pleasant Plains Education Association is more than an entity looking out for the well-being of the teachers – the Pleasant Plains Education Association is, in fact, a professional Education association.  The Cardinal Code in our schools (Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity) is proudly exemplified in the PPEA and must continue for our students to be successful in the future.

I look to a future where we continue to strive for the best in students.  I look to a future where we continue to challenge students.  I look to a future where PPEA continues to make a positive difference.

John Langley
Pleasant Plains Education Association President


3 Responses to “Looking To the Future”

  1. Change is Good Says:

    John, you could not be more incorrect about Change. Did you support Obama in 2008. If you did, then you elected someone who ran exclusively on change. Unfortunately, the country did not bother to ask what kind of change. In this past school board election, the old guard lost in a big way. The People are not afraid of Change…they welcome it ! It is only those who are stuck in the mud and are all about business as usual that resist Change. At least the plains voters knew exactly what they were voting for. If you want to be freaked out by Change that is your own doing. This Change will shed light on serious problems such as being on Academic Warning. What is the Superintendant doing to resolve this problem. You all want to complain about the law but you offer NOTHING but the same failed policies. Our kids deserve better. Try to be a part of the solution John not part of the problem.

    • piratedjlangley Says:

      While I appreciate your feedback, it is apparent that you missed the point of the article: this is a pep talk to teachers that they need not be shocked or surprised by the Ed Reforms that are occurring as the District has been headed in that direction for a few years. As you might notice, I replaced the word Change with the word Transition – something to work for, not something to fear.

      The District is and has been transitioning to the Ed Reforms of Common Core Standards and 21st Century Skills for the past couple of years. We have been moving towards the ideals that Education Reformers want.

      We, as a District Team of teachers, administrators, and School Board members, need to work together to make this District better.

      I encourage you to learn more about the leaders in Pleasant Plains School District and all that they do for the betterment of the students. I encourage you to stop throwing stones and become part of the Team that works together for the betterment of those same students.

      Thank you for your attention,

      John Langley

  2. JOHNNY DEPP Says:


    Say, that forum was great- how about those ping pong balls!!

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