1 % Sales Tax (Plain and Simple)


Sangamon County Sales Tax

Two questions are to be answered .  The sales tax will help ALL of the 16 schools in Sangamon County.  This is the proposal for a 1% sales tax.

Here are details:

  • The sales tax will NOT be applied to:

prescription drugs or OTC drugs
titled vehicles
mobile homes
farm equipment and inputs.

  • The money can ONLY be used for school facility upgrades, buildings and/or paying down bond debt (which means districts could slow down our property tax increases ).  The money cannot be used for salaries or programs.
  • PPCUSD8 could receive approximately $900,000 annually for facilities
  • The revenue will fund the renovations and expansions at the high school
  • Phase 1 high school renovations begin in 2011 (regardless of the Sales Tax outcome)
  • Additional revenue will be used to retire existing debt and update current facilities

There are two questions on the ballot regarding the referendum:

  1. The first asks to approve the 1%.
  2. The second question asks: If the first question passes, should the County Board consider other needs of the county prior to implementing the 1% tax.
    • This question has caused controversy as the County Board already has the right to implement the full 1% or a portion of it.  The way the question is worded sounds as if the County Board could take part of the 1% and apply it to such things as the police, etc.  The County Board cannot do so.

For further information regarding the 1% Sales Tax please visit A Better Way to Fund


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