August Teacher Highlights


Farmingdale:All teachers

Teachers have been incorporating projectors and document cameras into their lessons.  Anne McGrath has been using them for English review games, math, new concepts, and to project worksheets; Shelley Haddick has been using the projector to demonstrate in Google maps where the Mississippi river is in relation to Pleasant Plains for geography; Dawn Kearney has been using the document camera to project English worksheets and the projector for review games.

Middle school:  Liz Arnoltz

Liz Arnoltz’s 7th grade exploratory class has been learning choral reading and has been performing these readings for other classes.  The first round was in front of teachers.  Tone of voice and inflection were a focus.  Students stepped forward if there was a solo.  The works were ballad style poems that were memorized.

High School: Libby Jenkins: PBIS(Positive Behavior Intervention Supports)

The high school has rolled out the PBIS model this fall with an assembly on the first day.  The PBIS at the high school is headed by Libby Jenkins.  She has done an amazing job of leading the rest of the committee with enthusiasm.  So far the incentives have been a success and the students are using the vocabulary of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.


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