Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified


The Pleasant Plains School Board and Pleasant Plains Education Association have ratified a one year contract for the 2010-2011 school year.  Both the Board of Education and the PPEA took into consideration the uncertainty of the state financial concerns, as well as remaining committed to the idea of excellence in education.  The Board of Education recognizes and appreciates the dedication and efforts teachers have provided to assure the best possible education for our students.  Over the past 7 years, the  District has focused on fiscal responsibility, consciously making an effort to live within its financial means,  cutting unnecessary spending, targeting professional development training to designated topics, providing in house workshops presented by staff and outside consultants, and writing grants to support efforts at improving the district technology resources and expanding curriculum opportunities for our students

Both the Pleasant Plains Board of Education and the PPEA resolved to an agreement that recognizes teachers and maintains fiscal responsibility.  Due to teacher retirements, the Board was able to agree to salary and benefits compensations that did not exceed the 2009-2010 costs.  The School Board and teachers continue to problem-solve budget restraints as a team and remain committed to work as a problem solving team in regard to upcoming State funding issues.


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