May Teacher Highlights


High School – Andrew Stevenson:

Two weeks ago, Students of Project Lead the Way’s Introduction to Engineering class worked with Skype, telecommunication software, to complete a Virtual Team Design project.  A virtual team was made up of people that rely primarily or exclusively on electronic forms of communication to work together to accomplish a goal. This goal was to design a locker organizer that would save time and students’ lunches while still being stylish.  Students teamed up with Normal Community West High School students to accomplish this goal.  They split the task into several steps using the Engineering Design Process.  They used Skype to see and get to know their team members.  Each member of the team had a specific task and then used Skype or email to message back and forth information and files.  This allowed students to have an opportunity to use communication technology and further their design skills.

Farmingdale Elementary – Heather Greer

During multi-cultural week, Heather Greer’s fourth grade class Skyped a man in Australia who showed photos of daughter’s classroom, house, and road signs.  He also answered questions about cultural differences.

Middle School – Team 6 (Diane Bensko, Debbie Greene, TJ Fraase, and Carrie Risdon)

Approximately two weeks ago, Team 6 acquired 1850 census documents, estate inventories of Sangamon County residents from 1827-1863,  and research documents from the University of Illinois Springfield from research completed by Sangamon State University history majors from approximately 1970 to the early 1980’s.  Students took the census information and researched an occupation for that time period and wrote an essay about it.  The data from the estate inventories was placed on a graph where students compared inventories such as grain and livestock of IL innkeepers with Sangamon County innkeepers and Clayville innkeepers.


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