District Cuts Announced at March 30 Board Meeting


The School Board voted to implement reductions in the two of the three possible reduction categories presented:  Natural Reductions and Management Reductions.  The reductions are as follows:

Natural Reductions

  • School Board Conference and Travel
  • Savings from Previous Year (FY10) Expense – Parking Lot
  • Honorable Dismissal due to Enrollment Drop
  • Honorable Dismissal due to Uncertainty of State Grant
  • Savings due to Retirement – Certified Staff
  • Savings due to Retirement – Educational Support Staff
  • Merge Pre-K routes from 3 to 2
  • Reduction in costs with lowering special education enrollment
  • Reduced costs associated with reduction in Pre-K for All
  • Shifting Costs of Special Education Supplies and Materials to Remaining ARRA Funds (expires June 2011)

Management Strategies

  • Reduce District Travel Costs (car pooling, use district vehicles, restrictions on reimbursement-one supervisor reimbursement)
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce Capital Outlay Purchases (only purchase needs – hold off until better economic times)
  • Hold off on purchase of new computers
  • Reduce Sub costs as appropriate (schedule training during school improvement days, coverage during secretary absences, extra duty expenses)
  • Do more in-house work (building repair and maintenance)
  • Reduce Advertising Costs
  • Reduce Postage Costs – building and district
  • Reduce Paper Costs – go green
  • Reduce supplies and material costs (building and district level)
  • Reconfigure bus routes with retirements and implement cost saving measures.  Long-term consider K-8 routes – save equipment, fuel costs, etc.  With PBIS should be able to focus on expected bus behavior and include training for bus drivers.
  • Reduce ideling time and reconfigure south campus route assignments
  • Reduce Equipment Costs (delay to better economic times)
  • Delay purchase of new buses by one year
  • Restructure building trades program (2 year)
  • Develop a district wide energy conservation program (turn off lights, keep windows shut with air conditioning and heating system

The two reduction categories combined will reduce district expenses by approximately $745,000.  There is a plan for addressing further reductions if necessary as information regarding the State Budget is available.

The Association, School Board, and Administration all expressed appreciation in the open communication and whole-district effort in solving this predicament placed upon school districts.  The School Board cautioned that money currently held in reserve has been held with the intention of remodeling the dilapidated sections of the high school.  Several members asked questions and commented on various points of the reductions, and all are asked to maintain that open communication by passing on comments and suggestions to Building Liaisons, Administrators, and Board members.

Members are urged to contact the following legislators to ask not only that they solve the budget solution and move toward a realistic means of funding Education, but to also ask these leaders to put an end to bi-partisan politics that are hindering the progress of these solutions.

Here are the addresses for the 4 leaders and the Governor:

Senator John Cullerton
President of the Senate
Room 327 State House
Springfield, IL 62706

Senator Christine Radogno
Senate Repbulican Leader
Room 309A State House
Springfield, IL 62706

Representative Michael Madigan
Speaker of the House
Room 300 State House
Springfield, IL 62706
(No email available, prefers letters)

Representative Tom Cross
House Republican Leader
Room 316 State House
Springfield, IL 62706

The Honorable Pat Quinn
Governor State of Illinois
Room 207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706


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