March Teacher Highlights


Elementary School (Mary Zaborac, Kristie Walters, Shelly Haddick, Heather Greer, and Karla Ealey):

The 4th grade teachers have been working with their students on the Rite of Passage project.  They start the project with career speakers.  Parents come in and share information about their careers with the 4th graders.  This year there was a nurse, orthopedic surgeon, attorney, computer programmer, cosmetologist, teacher/coach, and many more.  The students then began researching the career of their choice.  A web quest was designed by the 4th grade teachers that includes completing an interest inventory, researching the Occupational Outlook Handbook site and other informational sites, and creating their first resume.  The students are now finishing up the project with a written report.

Middle School (Taylor Frank, Luke Jason, Tami Haerle, Kate Ruggless, Liz Arnolts):

7th grade is about ready for their forensic science unit.  Taylor Frank’s dad, a forensic scientist for the Il State Police, is coming in to speak with the students.  They are also starting their Africa unit.  They are using “Google Earth” as a mapping tool.  At the same time, they are learning how to use some of the application within GE to learn more about/see these areas.

High School (Libby Jenkins):

Last week Libby taught a 2-side mixer circle dance to her Fitness class, and they loved it.  It’s called a two-side mixer.  They make a circle, and the kids dance.  As they dance, they rotate one and end up dancing with everyone in class. It includes a step-step slide, a do-se-do, and stomp kicks. They really have a good time, and it’s good cardio.  Libby can do a 10 sec. count at the end to see their training rate.  She would love to do a large group and have three circles going at once.  That would be awesome.

Also, they are doing their third Data Day in Fitness.  They do push-up, sit-ups, reaction time, lung capacity, target heart rate, body composition, blood pressure, body measurements, waist to hip ratio, and resting heart rate.  The kids enjoy this.  She does it once a quarter.


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