IEA announces Pink Friday (MARCH 19 IS PINK [SLIP] FRIDAY)


March 12, 2010
FRIDAY, MARCH 19 IS PINK (SLIP) FRIDAYGov. Pat Quinn’s budget message included the warning that as many as 17,000 educators will be laid off if a tax increase is not passed this spring. Right now, thousands of our members are receiving pink slips – layoff notices for the coming year.

We are asking all IEA members across the state to stand in solidarity with our pink-slipped members on Friday, March 19th, by wearing pink. We also invite administrators, parents and community members to join us, in recognition of the effect that these losses will have on the quality of education in Illinois.

Wear pink to the RA

On March 19, the two gubernatorial candidates, Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Bill Brady, will be speaking at the IEA Annual Representative Assembly (RA) in Rosemont. We anticipate there will be extensive media coverage of the event. With our RA delegates in pink, we will show the state our commitment to fair funding and the impact that funding cuts will have on the goal to build a quality education system and economy in the state.

IEA will issue a statewide news release next week highlighting the fact that IEA members statewide are being encouraged to wear pink.

So remember:

If you are coming to the RA: Pack your pink!
No pink? No problem! Pink lapel ribbons will be available at the RA.

If you are working back home: Wear your pink on the nineteenth!


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