February Teacher Highlights


Farmingdale – Christine McGraw:

The students (3 & 4 grades) are having a Study Island contest.  They are all trying to earn blue ribbons through the study island program.  They can do this at home, and she has scheduled time for them to do it at school also.  The classes are competing against each other, as well as individual students.  The class with the most ribbons at the end of the month earn a reward, and then each student who completes the entire program earns special rewards.  This is a great way to get the students to use the program which is designed to improve standardized test scores.  By doing the contest, now she is not only motivating them to use it, but also giving them practice for the upcoming ISAT test.

Middle School – Diane Bensko:

PPMS Jr. Beta Club was well represented at this year’s State Beta Club convention held on Feb 1 & 2 at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield.  76 members attended with Mrs. Bensko and other chaperones.  Highlights of the two day event were Sam Childress’s unsuccessful bid for state vice-president, Sam’s nomination skit placed 3rd, Maddie Lewis and Kaitlyn Finley’s vocal duet made the finals of the special talent competition, Joseph Livingston received a 1st for his woodworking, Tyler Lanterman placed 1st in the Science competition, Jenny Haley’s sculpture placed 2nd, Alena Ares placed 3rd at the spelling bee, and Riley McManus placed 3rd in the Social Studies competition.  Approximately 1300 middle school students from across the state attended this annual event.

High School – Jamie Naylor  (media specialist):

Collaboration is a key term for almost anything in this world… and she is trying to do her part.  Some collaboration efforts at this time include discussions with Gretchen Liefer in her Case Studies class (A5) regarding the copyright laws and internet safety topics, with Lauren Radliff in her American History classes regarding a Civil War journaling project, and with Jenni Durbin and D’Wayne Peterson in their American Cultures class regarding their Great Depression unit.  These units are great examples of student centered projects, and she’s happy that she has been invited to participate in these projects.  Her role in all of these units include locating appropriate resources, teaching database search strategies, and brainstorming with the teachers for the different aspects of the unit (process, resources, students’ product).  Collaboration discussions on the horizon also include Brian Conklin’s Physical Science classes in the science fair project unit as well as Krista Crossland’s 20th Century classes in their upcoming Civil Rights unit.


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