Site Creation Will Allow Members to be Active Participants


The creation of the PPEA website will undoubtedly allow members to not only have Association information readily available, but it will also allow members to stay more connected.  In the past the Association has done a great job of keeping everyone informed by word of mouth or email.  We now have the good fortune to have a tool that will allow me to update members on a regular basis on not only news concerning the district, but also on news concerning education in general.

As the site comes to life, and pages are developed and updated, let me know what you would like to see on the website.  What links should be readily accessible?  What documents should we add?  I plan on posting updates at least once a week and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Some PPEA activities in the works:

  • The Social Committee is working on an end of the year trivia night
  • PPEA Teacher Highlights have been a great success at School Board meetings and have been a great way to give recognition to teachers and students for projects that often go on behind the scenes.
  • As bargaining time approaches, PPEA and the Board are looking at possible dates for Interest Based Bargaining Training.
  • PPEA has been striving to highlight innovative approaches to education and will provide links on the website to education resources that will enhance the education of our students.

As education is going through a series of changes, and as we tackle the deficits resulting from lack of funding from the State of Illinois, the superintendent and I have been discussing the impact on Pleasant Plains School District.  The administration, School Board, and the PPEA Executive Committee share the same hopes and concerns regarding the outlook of both education and State funding.  With the new legislation regarding Race to the Top, new Illinois Learning Standards in the making, and RtI programs falling into place, Pleasant Plains district schools are undergoing some modifications and will undergo some further modifications.  With these changes, PPEA has played an active role in the process, and teachers’ voices are being heard as decisions are being made.

With the uncertainty about State funding, it is just as important for the Association and our members to be active in the solution to the funding situation.  As educators, it is imperative that our voices are heard before any funding decisions are made.  We need to take a proactive approach to these situations.  If we are involved in the decision, we will be satisfied with the results.


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