September Teacher Highlights


High School – Jenni Durbin (mobile lab)

In Contemporary Literacy, she divided the class into four teams.  Each team is responsible for researching and presenting their particular literacy to the class.  They had no rigid guidelines for this other than they had to take the whole class period, and it had to be relevant to their topic.  she did the same project with her class last year, and she had a difficult time keeping students on task while scattered across four desks in the computer lab.  This year, students circled up their desks and grabbed the laptops and researched independently, but were able to share more easily with their group members.  Some of the groups have chosen to use the laptops as part of their presentation to allow students to explore a relevant and creative website relating to their presentation.   In all of her English classes, she has had students set up email accounts through Google which allows the teacher and students to chat, share documents, and post to a website with ease.  Students can now get in contact with each other easily through email, and she has set up documents for the class to have access through Google Docs so students do not have an excuse to stray from the proper formatting for research.

Middle School – Debbie Greene

Mrs. Greene has been in contact with a Missouri school and plans to work with them on a collaborative anthropology project.  Mrs. Greene hopes to Skype with the Missouri school throughout the project.

Elementary School – 1st Grade Teachers (Amy Lyddon, Martha Yuill, Cindy Saxby, and Jenny Greer)

The 1st grade teachers just finished a career unit.  They do it every year in honor of Labor Day.  The students discuss different careers and what they want to be when they grow up.   They then work at home to create a “grown up”  1st grader dressed as that career.


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