October Teacher Highlights


High School – Krystal Oh

Mrs Oh has created the PPHS Book Chat Wiki…

This is where students will be posting their DEAR responses, as well as their peer responses every other week. They will get 15 points for their own posting and 5 points for each of their 2 peer responses. This as an ongoing dialogue/discussion about the books we’re reading.

In addition to the Pleasant Plains High School “Acceptable Use of Computers” policy (Student Handbook), students are also expected to adhere to the following policies:

  • Students are expected to use school appropriate language when posting and commenting on this site.
  • For safety purposes, students are to refrain from posting anything that refers to their last names, phone numbers, or street addresses.
  • Students are expected to maintain respect when leaving comments to other students and Mrs. Oh. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but bullying and/or spiteful comments are unacceptable.

Middle School – 7th Grade Team (Taylor Frank, Luke Jason, Tami Haerle, Kate Ruggless, and Liz Arnolts

The 7th Grade team is having their first Interdisciplinary Unit.  It is based around ancient Greece and Greek mythology.  Friday, the 16, they are going on a field trip to the Science Center for the purpose of learning more about astrology and its relationship to Greek mythology.  The unit ties World Geography, literature, comp and science.

Elementary School – Melissa Knight

Mrs. Knight is using Fast Math program – every day the individual students work on it for approx. 10 minutes on computational skills and multiplication and division.  Compared to other classes, those students are doing better at timed exercises.  Students are showing chartable/documentable progress.


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